Why You Should Incorporate in Kansas

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Business owners form corporations to safeguard their personal assets from business debts and liabilities. A properly formed and managed corporation can give you the freedom to conduct your business without worrying that you might lose a home, a car, or any of your personal savings because of a business obligation.
Why You Should Incorprate In Kansas:
(1) Protection from personal liability for business debts .
(2) Perpetual existence, so the corporation continues even if an owner dies or leaves the business.
(3) No limit to the number of C Corporation shareholders, who need not be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
(4) No Social Security Number is required.
(5) No Business License is required.
We can form your for-profit corporation directly with the state without your signature.
We  typically complete filings within 2 business days and can both email or ship all documents to you via USPS, FedEx or UPS.
W provide you with a physical address in Kansas from which your corporation “officially” operates but with the corporation filing, your corporation can operate anywhere!
We provide Resident Agent service (Required by law!) for one year until renwal time for your corporation.
The cost to set up your corporation is only $499, a figure which is at least $100 less than what the so-called “big sites” charge for exactly the same service!
We also provide you with a complete file of sample corporate resolutions, a complete form for you to maintain your corporate records and a very unique and legal method for one person and one person alone to run your corporation without anyone outside the corporation know who is in charge and it’s all quite legal!
We will accept payment via Western Union, MoneyGram, wire transfer, USPS Money Order, business or personal check (Subject to banking credit times), cash or loads to certain ATM/Debit cards, Bitcoin and Litecoin. (Cryptocurrency paid services asre however subject to a 7-10 possible delay to due required conversions to USD.)
We will not accept Paypal or credit cards because this is a service which requires cash outlay on our end ance once the service is performed, it is irreversible.
Don’t wait another minute to join the international economic community with a completely legal and virtually anonymous Kansas corporation!
Hit us up when you are ready to go!
Thanks for reading and looking forward to great business relationships!
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ICQ: 604444764
I respond to emails quickly and generally answer the phone within a couple of rings but if I don’t, leave me a message and I’ll get right back to you!
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