How Kansas Corporations Are Created

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How Kansas Corporations Are Created
There are three ways to incorporate your business in Kansas: hire a lawyer to do the job for you (a very expensive option), walk in to the Secretary of State’s office and do it by yourself or to use a service like ours at
We can incorporate your business for a small fee, compared not only to an attorney but to our competitors.
Why ? Because we process incorporations evry day, from all around the US and the World, from entrepreneurs like you that want to have the peace of mind that only legitimate corporation can bring them.
Requirements for Kansas Corporation:
KS Corporate Name Endings:
The name of the corporation shall contain one of the words “association”, “church”, “college”, “company”, “corporation”, “club”, “foundation”, “fund”, “incorporated”, “institute”, “society”, “union”, “syndicate” or “limited” or one of the abbreviations “co.”, “corp.”, “inc.”, “ltd.”. The name shall be distinguishable upon the records of the Secretary of State from names of other corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships.
We check on your desired corporate name and secure it or a variation to protect your intellectual property associated with the name and the value of the name.
Articles of Incorporation Requirements are simple:
Social Security Number:
Not required.
Director Information:
* Minimum Number – One.
* Residence Requirements. – No requirement and the physical presence in the state is handled by us and our .Resident Agent.
* Age Requirements:
Officer Information:
* The officers are not required to be listed in the articles of incorporation.
Stock Information:
* An increase in shares or par value does not affect initial fees.
Stock may be issued in various classifications with no par value.
Yearly Requirements Are Simple:
* Annual Statements and an inexpensive corporate renewal.
* An annual statement must be filed yearly by domestic and foreign corporations organized for profit. The tax rate is $1 per $1000 of shareholders equity attributable to Kansas. Minimum tax, $20; maximum tax, $2500.
Income Tax Rate:
* 4% of taxable income, plus surtax of 3.35% of Kansas taxable income in excess of $50,000 for all tax years.
Remember; a corporation pays tax ONLY on its profits and any decent corporation will not show a taxable profit for several years.
And last and perhaps most importantly, NO business license  or Social Security Number is required to register a corporation in Kansas!”

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